Crosswise Patrol

Crosswise Patrol is the story of truth and lies.Once a mysterious island that re-emerged, now known as the Kosaten (Crossroad) Cosmopolis, lived a population of espers and normal humans. Due to its previous development, the island has an underground city where hooligans crowd.From outsiders’s perspectives, it is a harmonious cosmopolitan city where Espers and humans rely on each other, working together on a daily basis, a perfect city of luxurious living, and leisure entertainment.After her parents's death, Scarlet embarks on a journey to uncover the truth.

Parallel Memoria

The sequel to Crosswise Patrol, Parallel Memoria is about dreams and reality.Due to the intervention of Evenfall Garden universe and Crosswise Patrol universe in the past, Minoru now has the ability to dream of the past memories of his ancestors. What he did not know is that his dreams are connected to the numerous realities he had gone through had been forgotten. As the law and order slowly settles in the city, an evil otherworldly force appears.This story will lead to Parallel Memoria II and Goody Two-Misfits.

Evenfall Garden

Evenfall Garden is the story of good and evil.In a kingdom of blue roses where you can see a paradise the Gods and Goddesses once lived in, there is a vast blue ocean across the horizon.Stella is just a normal girl but why does she have memories of a place she has never been to before? To whom was she writing letters to? As she was trying to find answers to her questions, the peaceful kingdom slowly crumbles...This is the beginning of Crosswise Patrol and The Abandoned Lands of Relicta.


MIEYVERSE is a collection of stories featuring my original characters. There are multiple timelines, planes and dimensions and they eventually collide. Each character and each plot are interconnected in a way, creating an ever-expanding journey for them.Various talented people have worked together with me to bring this project to life. A huge thanks to the amazing musicians who made the theme songs and my friends who have helped me with the designs of the world.

Arts and characters belong to Raeyxia.